you're watchin' the brand new hardread homepage filled with our releases and some information about us. the group has formed in the year 2000 and currently has two members: pohar and vincenzo.
we released mostly 4k and 64k intros, sizelimit is a good challenge for us :)
please take a look at the releases section!

We released a little 4k intro at Function2006, called
Hardread Podcast promo

Our coop. intro with Rebels called Coldpipe finished in the 7th place at the combined demo/intro compo at digiLAB 2006 party in Norwegia. Find it at the Releases section!

Two days ago another coop. intro from us entitled Forraltbor won the Nullarbor intro compo in Australia. Download it from Rebels page.

a short article on headphones by vincenzo

We have reached 25th place (out of 184 teams) at Demoscene Championship of Racers. The full list can be found at their page. Some great teams - who we respect so musch - finished behind us, e.g.: farbrausch, Smash Designs, Conspiracy, aardbei. Btw: they are still much better than us...

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new year, new design, new content. check our releases, browse the files, comment them at: www.pouet.net

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